Policy and Regulation

Strengthen policies to
support the creation and
growth of Social Enterprises
by all ecosystem players


Policy Strategy

Government recognizes and promotes the special role of SEs. Sector-specific policies promote not only the private sector but also specifically SE participation in service delivery. These policies are well-implemented.


SEs benefit from legal incentives, such as tax waivers, GST waived for key purchases in service delivery, and preferential public procurement for SEs.

Gaps and Opportunities
in Sarawak Digital

There are no fiscal incentives provided to Impact investors in Sarawak or overseas to attract more impact funding/ investment or procurement amongst Sarawak based companies or Sarawakian
founded SEs

No central body that can provide guidance and streamline state government processes relevant to social enterprises

Social enterprises are unaware of support or guidance offered at state level.

Unclear direction for impact or state – level sustainability goals which also promotes multistakeholder collaboration, impact reporting and accountability.

Key Strategies